2021 Rutgers Making a Champion Guide

R E C R U I T I N G + F U N D R A I S I N G Recruiting and fundraising have been improved by the new APC. There have been positive impacts on people’s impressions and levels of confidence, Rutgers University’s reputation, and the athletics program’s championship culture. “Compared to our facilities before, we now hold a practice space that can compete with other schools in the country and attract better recruits.” Rutgers University Student-Athlete Recruiting When Rutgers University joined the Big Ten Athletic Conference in 2014, it faced higher levels of competition—not only on the playing field but also for top-tier recruits. However, the opening of the APC represented a bold new direction: Coaches were now able to offer recruits and their families an impressive environment that provided a commitment to health and wellness that peer institutions struggled to match. As one student-athlete put it in their survey, “When I went on my visit, I was very impressed with the way it was set up. It had everything literally. It’s by far the best center I saw out of every visit and every center I have seen.” In the past, Rutgers’ coaches needed to be strategic with their tours to avoid showing lackluster attributes of the previous training facilities—but with the new APC there is nothing to hide; they want to show prospective student- athletes everything. The APC looks impressive, and this reflects the quality of the programs housed within. The building’s clean lines and natural light always give a “wow” factor. Visitors are blown away by the lobby, extensive Strength and Conditioning Room, hydrotherapy spaces, and fourth floor terrace overlooking the Livingston campus. The practice facilities and on- site amenities are first-rate. As one staff member noted in the survey, “Having the locker room and lounge spaces has made a difference in our recruiting.” By the time a recruit reaches the Closing Room at the end of their tour, they are able to visualize a pathway to excellence supported by the University’s clear commitment to their cause. Further, the recruit’s parent(s) feel confident that their child will be taken care of here. “Last year, we had our best freshman recruiting class,” stated Coach Pikiell, “and I’d give 95% of the credit to this building.” 27 Perkins Eastman