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as of October 3, 2016

amount raised: $56,337,171

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Rutgers is committed to building championship contenders in the Big Ten. This commitment means the university must build premier training facilities for elite student-athletes from New Jersey, the nation, and around the globe.

To fulfill this objective, Rutgers Athletics is embarking on the R Big Ten Build, a comprehensive campaign to raise $100 million for new or upgraded athletic facilities.

Phase I of the Big Ten Build, created in collaboration with the University Physical Master Plan, includes three projects: a Multisport Training Complex adjacent to the Rutgers Athletic Center (RAC), a Lacrosse, Soccer and Tennis Training Complex, and an enhanced Football Training Complex, at the Hale Center. These pivotal projects will result in additional square feet of critical training space and will have a dramatic and wide-ranging impact on all 24 Rutgers athletic programs and on the 600 student-athletes who represent Rutgers on a national stage.

Multisport Training Complex

The Multisport Training Complex and Integrated Parking Facility will satisfy program needs for Rutgers’ basketball program and other varsity teams currently accommodated in recreation facilities.

Lacrosse, Soccer and Tennis Training Complex

Lacrosse, Soccer and Tennis Training Complex will include state-of-the-art amenities for men’s and women’s soccer, men’s and women’s lacrosse, and tennis.

Football Training Complex

The Football Training Complex is home to administrative and academic services, as well as training facilities for the football program.

Empowering Momentum

Rutgers is moving forward with unprecedented energy and purpose. A forward-thinking strategic plan and historic fundraising successes have created momentum across Rutgers that continues to build.

Reinforcing this momentum is crucial to ensuring a bright future for Rutgers and for the people and causes the university reaches worldwide through education, research, and service. Six targeted campaigns centered on the theme of Empowering Momentum will advance ambitions across the university. One of these campaigns aims to strengthen Rutgers Athletics through new or renovated facilities. These facilities will enable student-athletes to compete at the highest levels and help Rutgers build championship programs. R Big Ten Build will have a dramatic impact on all Rutgers athletic programs by providing a first-class opportunity for the university’s student-athletes.

Invest in this critical facilities project and help lay the foundation for championship athletic programs at Rutgers. Call the R Fund team at 848-932-7629 to discuss naming opportunities, project details, and how you can make an impact.